You don’t have to solve it on your own!



Stop stirring up the fear or frustration of not getting what you need with a partner.

Start empowering yourself to create what you want.

What to expect



RELIEF of your anxiety as you feel heard and guided


LUCIDITY on your love life goals and obstacles and on your share of responsibility.


CONFIDENCE in your ability to successfully influence your romantic destiny.


ACTIONABLE STEPS you can take to get unstuck and move in the right direction with certainty.


COMPASSION without complacency, as I show you what you can't see without judgment and offer you loving attention and support.


OPTIONS FOR MORE if you feel we could be a fit, we'll schedule another call for me to answer your questions (this is a coaching session, not a sales call, I want to keep it 100% about you).

this session is for you if you are…


And you want to…

Get over the past and be really ready to receive a new relationship

Feel confident and playful as you meet potential partners

Receive eye-opening feedback around your decisions and actions

Reveal and heal your old patterns and step into something really new



A new relationship and you want to…

Confirm its potential and make sure you’re not missing any red flags

Spot and stop your own destructive habits and behaviors

Lay the best foundations for long-lasting connection

Be a woman like no other that he will really want to commit to


A long relationship and you want to…

Consciously rethink and refuel your couple dynamics

Assess and process what’s not working anymore

Re-establish a strong partnership, feeling like friends and lovers

Know how to move forward or maybe move on with grace and certainty


Not ready for a call quite yet? Send me your questions here and I’ll get back to you.

What’s next?

After this introduction session, if you want to go deeper together, we’ll create a Love Coaching Journey tailored to your needs, choosing from the Love School programs and modules.

There are 3 progressive phases in every Journey, designed for fast and durable results, with the specific rhythms of transformation in mind (intense at the beginning to boost the system out of its old ways, then slowing down for integration).


Intensive inception

3 weeks to uproot the past and seed your new love blueprint

3x 90min 1:1 Sessions

Signature “3 Loves” Process


chrysalis cycles

3 to 6 months to heal old patterns and learn new skills

2x 60min 1:1 Sessions/month

+Audio Message Follow-Up

Tailored Themed Program



On-going guidance to keep grooving yourself in

1x 45min 1:1 Session/Month

Monthly Group Calls & Forum

*Note: my focus is on you and your personal evolution as a woman. Yet some programs can include additional sessions with your partner or the two of you together.