About laura

Hi love! Nice to meet you!

I mentor self-aware, heart-centered women who won’t give up on being love(d) for real.

I know first-hand the tremendous difference it makes in a woman’s life to have a romantic relationship that works and fulfills you instead of stressing you.

And I know YOU have the power to create it.

How do I know? Because I went from 20 years of frustration and constant heartache to being peacefully and blissfully married, and it didn’t happen by chance.

I’ve been very intentional and determined about the information and transformation I needed to stop sabotaging myself in my intimate relationships by choosing the wrong partner or showing up in unconscious destructive ways.

I can see now all the mistakes I was doing, and all that needed to be healed, revealed and reprogrammed inside me, for me to turn my “luck” around in love. 

S  , EIt took me 5 failed long-term relationships, dramatic break-ups and a sentimental burn-out to decide I couldn’t go on trying at relationships blindly.

 I quit the successful but draining corporate life I had in Paris, traveled around Asia, spent months in Tantric and Yogic Communities, went back to France and University, studied, trained, experimented, and became a Tantra Teacher and a Somatic Therapist. As I specialized in healing women and kept dealing with the sexual, emotional and spiritual wounds inherited from the ancient and present war with men, I studied and trained some more, started facilitated workshops for couples and evolved into a Relationship Coach.

Meanwhile and most importantly, I journeyed within myself, reconnected with my body (that I used to abuse), my spirituality (that I used to ignore), my femininity (that I used to confuse with playing sexy) and Love itself (that I used to confuse with attraction and attachment).

I started to understand that Love isn’t something to get (and beg) from one special person, but something to feel and be and create all the time (or as much as humanly possible!). It became obvious that my intimate relationship would only be as happy, healthy, balanced and easy as I could be myself… and that they were also the best place for me to work on myself.

Facing my own responsibility in my relationship failures was a bitter pill to swallow.

But it was actually good news! It meant I was not doomed to painful love or loneliness.

It meant I could uplevel my love life by upleveling myself. 

It meant I could CREATE LOVE FROM THE INSIDE OUT by awakening my own capacity to love.

So that’s what I set myself to do, relentlessly.

I’ve grown out of my love-negating patterns and triggers by humbly witnessing them in action and committing to change. By contemplating my shadows, my wounds, my fears, and embracing them with Love, for Love, while feeding my light, my strength, my faith.

That’s how I inspired an amazing man to commit to “us”.


That’s how I keep our love high every single day.

That’s what I see working for every woman I coach.

After years and years of research, I bring together the best I’ve learned from Western Psychology (I have a Master in Human Science and a Bachelor Level in Psychology, with in-depth training in Somatic therapy and Integrative Psychology), Eastern Philosophies (I’m a Certified Yoga Teacher and Tantra Educator, and I studied Buddhism and Taoïsm), real-life experience and spiritual guidance for hundreds of women to connect with Love + themselves + their man in an elevated way (and make the world a better place while we’re at it).

I can’t wait to see you create more Love too!




I believe…

Healthy intimacy is both a result and a path of greater consciousness.

Romantic struggles call for your awakening and your awakening is the key factor of success for your relationship.

It’s our mission to lead the way to Love…

But there’s no extra point for doing it without support!


“I’m realizing how far I’ve gone discovering myself through working with Laura.

I can connect with the core of security and peace within me, and let go of the unnecessary fear and mind chatter when my partner feels distant. As I let it go, he comes back to me more loving than ever. It really works!”

Sophie, Paris

“In just a few months Laura truly helped me open up for love, create my vision of a happy relationship, and manifest it!

I met someone, and what’s new is that I’m really giving the relationship a chance. I’m not sabotaging it.

Laura helps me distinguish between “red flags” and what is actually coming from me so I can change it.”

Georgia, London

“Laura is phenomenal. I worked with other relationship coaches in the past but never found someone with her depth and presence.

I feel safe enough with her to dive into the root memories that are causing me to shut down with my partner and have had incredibly shifting soul journeys.”

Leila, Santa Barbara

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