02/01/20 in Los Angeles

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samedi 1 février 2020
14:00 à 16:00

1287 S Citrus Ave1287 S Citrus Ave · Los Angeles, CA

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Are you intending to play big this year? Do you want to attract more attention and inspire positive action? Would you like to be seen, heard and valued and create deeper connections with the people who matter – may it be a romantic partner or a tribe of followers?

I bet you also want it to happen with ease and authenticity, without looking like you’re pushing and trying too hard. You want to mesmerize people by being more of you, not by putting on a show.

So where is the switch to turn your natural charisma on and up to its full potential?

In this fun and practical workshop for women, I will introduce you to your innate feminine energy as a secret soft weapon for irresistible attraction. And I promise that you have it in you, even if you think you don’t!

Together we will explore:

  • a sacred way to understand and embody femininity
  • 3 common energy misuses that may sabotage your magnetism and repel people
  • 5 specific, simple, proven energy techniques drawn from the Art of Feminine Presence™ that you can use instantly to
  • Activate your radiance from the inside out
  • Look and feel extra confident in any circumstances
  • Make people feel good and drawn to you
  • Create solid relationships that help you thrive

Come and activate your inner magic with other rising women to rock 2020!

SUGGESTED DONATION OF $15 – $20 to offset space rental and meetup costs. We appreciate your support in making this event possible!