Live Love 21 Day Challenge

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This is a FREE intensive and fun course and an amazing way to open the floodgates for Love.


What for?

By the end of the challenge, you will have

– a clear understanding of what Love is, how to recognize it, how to create it, how to elevate it to build a solid, soulful relationship

– a clear understanding of the mistakes and obstacles that separate you from the deep nurturing intimacy you could have

supercharged love energy centers, making you a magnet for love

– a love tool-kit for life


What’s in there?

Each week is dedicated to one of the 3 loves: Passion, Compassion, Devotion.

Each week, you will get

– a 5min Activation Meditation to calibrate your soul

– a set of quick and easy Love Yoga routines to open your body (5 to 20min a day depending on what level you chose)

– daily prompts for self-inquiry, centering thoughts and transformative micro-actions to shake your mind and shift your behaviors.

It’s the incubator for my trainings, packed with essential wisdom and boosted by the accountability of the group.


For who?

Any woman who wants higher love and deeper intimacy in her life, and awaken her feminine lover power.

It works whether you are single or in a relationship.


How do I join?


I’m creating a Facebook group where I will post the challenge content once it starts in October.

To get onboard, simply send me an email!


With love, Laura