The Love Cat

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This is an amazing lovely warm-up or stand-alone practice that will start to gently activate each energy center + bring fluidity, ease and joy in your body.

It’s like an “Active Meditation”, where you move your body and draw your consciousness on a specific theme at the same time.

The simple power of this practice is that it gently and easily loosens up the physical and emotional tensions that stiffen you, without constricting you in any particular form. It’s a lot about Self-Love and creating space inside for pleasure, peace and purpose.

After cuddling with my husband, it’s my favorite thing to do in bed in the morning to wake up with Love! (it’s also one of his favorite things, you’ll see why)

I like doing all 3 in one practice (taking 1 to 4 minutes for each center) but you can  adapt and split according to your needs and desires.

In this video and text below is the full extended practice.


>>> start in “table pose” (on all four)

Hands under your shoulders, fingers spread, knees under your hips, feet relaxed, head either aligned with the spine or dangling.

Tip: if your wrists are sensitive or if you get tired in the arms, you can be on your fists or on your forearms at anytime. You can also slide a blanket under your knees for more comfort.

We call this practice “Love Cat” because it is close to the “cat-cows” you may have experienced in yoga classes, but with a different focus. And also because it’s a cute name. You are invited to feel like a cat while doing this, wild, cute and mysterious!


>>> Passion Activation in the Hips

This will make you feel alive, energized, playful and powerful. It stirs up stagnant life force.

It’s a great antidote to inertia and lack of interest in life, yourself or your partner.

  • MELT. Relax your lower belly and lower back. Don’t hold anything here. Let your tailbone drop towards the floor. Feel the weight of your hips and let your knees sink deeper in the mat. Imagine that your perineum in melting, all the tensions in your pelvic area are dripping to the ground. Stay there for at least 3 deep breaths, relaxing even deeper on the exhale. Don’t skip this! It’s super important to relax this area, and if you pay close attention you might notice pleasure and opening just with that.


  • SEXY CIRCLES. Shift your weight from one knee to the other a few times. Let this movement transform into hips circles. Try different amplitude and rhythms, directions, improvise… Massage yourself with the movements… Dare to be sensual and feel sexy… Have fun with it!


    • Now focus on your tailbone and rock it backward (pull it behind and up, let the sit bones open) and forward (pull it towards your hands and up, engage your core and glutes). Try different amplitude and rhythms. Feel the fabric of your pants hugging you. Look for pleasure and play.
    • Synchronize the rocking with your breath: inhale forward for more Yin/Water/Feminine energy, exhale forward for more Yang/Fire/Masculine energy.
    • Think about someone or something you want. Let desire and vitality flow from your root.
    • If want to feel bold, rise up onto your knees, hands in the sky or on your hips and move even more wildly. Feel how powerful and alive you are. Burn your fears and unworthiness away.


    • Add more breathing sound or even moans, express yourself with no filters. Sound like “uh”, “oh”, “ooo” are great here.
    • Add pelvic squeezes to turbo boost your vital/sexual energy. For women: on the inhale, contract your vagina all the way up, like if you wanted to draw a beautiful pearl of light up to your uterus. On the exhale, release and let it “sigh” and melt down. Start with 3 contractions and build your way up as you please if you enjoy it!
    • Again, for even more fire, exhale and relax as you rock your tailbone forward, inhale and contract as your rock your tailbone backwards.

>>> Compassion Activation in the Heart

This will make you feel soft, tender, peaceful. It breaks the armor we build to protect ourselves from others.

It’s perfect when we feel hurt or angry or judgmental and are tempted to isolate, but really need to connect.

  • MELT. Relax your chest, let your sternum drop towards the ground. Imagine your breasts and lungs are softening. Try to feel your heartbeats. Take your time. Breathe slowly and deeply 3 times. You can add the sound “aaa” on the exhale.


  • SWEET CIRCLES. Gently shift your body weight from one hand to the other. Start circling slowly around the center of your chest, around your symbolic heart. Find peace in the movements, have compassion and kindness for yourself. Move freely and softly to massage your back and open your chest how you need it. Wish yourself health and happiness. Let any emotion come up and go through you like a cloud.


    • Offer the front of your heart to the Earth, curving your back, imagining your heart pulled towards the center of our planet and any grief, sadness, pain absorbed by it when you exhale. 3 breaths.
    • Then offer the back of your heart to the Sky, rounding your back, imagining your heart pulled towards the stars and any fresh or old wounds kindly soothed by their light when you inhale. 3 breaths.
    • Come back to neutral spine and think about up to 3 other hearts you are connected to – lover, family, friends, pets… Imagine cords of energy linking your heart to theirs, receiving and/or giving affection and care. Feel how loved and loving you are.


>>> Devotion Activation IN the Head

This will reconnect you to the bigger picture, making you feel safe, held, belonging and detached at the same time. It quiets the inner chatter of the ego entangled in the drama of life.

It’s perfect when you feel overwhelmed, confused, depressed, and you need to reset.

  •  MELT.
    • Relax your neck, let your head drop and dangle. Make a few yes/no movements to create space. Move freely, looking for tensions in your neck that can be massaged out with this motion.
    • Lift your head parallel to the floor in line with your spine and relax the jaw, the lips, the tongue, the face.

  • ALIGN. Stretch your spine imagining a string attached to your crown and pulling forward as well as a string attached to your tailbone and pulling backward. Take 3 deep breaths, stretching longer on the inhale and releasing on the exhale.

  • SPIRAL CIRCLES. Circle gently around the center of your head, starting very very small and subtle, and slowly slowly spiraling to bigger circles. Reverse.

  • EMPTY YOUR HEAD. You can end in child pose here, with your forehead on the ground, humbly surrendered.
    • Imagine your skull is melting open and all your negative and limiting thoughts are welling down to the Earth on every exhale. Take 3 deep breaths.
    • With your eyes closed, turn your gaze to a point inside your head. Imagine that the black space you see is the universe… It’s open and infinite and empty… Take 3 more deep breaths in this spaciousness.
    • Release your gaze and with your eyes still closed now perceive the environment around you right now. Dive deep in the present moment. Feel the air, hear the sounds. In the room, outside the room. Expand your consciousness further and further away. It’s also vast, and part of the spacious universe you just saw inside. Locate yourself in this vastness, like a drop in the ocean and the ocean in a drop. Feel at one with all that there is.
    • Remind yourself of your highest purpose in this life. Ask yourself how you can best serve it today, using the life force in your hips and the connectedness of your heart.





The Lazy Note: for a “Love Cat Quickie”


Just remember to:

– “melt” (relax) the area for at least 3 breaths then do circles (+ pelvic rocking for passion)

– breathe deeply, releasing tension on the exhale

infuse your movements with intention: pleasure and play for passion in the hips (I’m alive), kindness and care for compassion in the heart (I’m connected), surrender and purpose for devotion in the head (I’m one with all).


The Nerdy Note: opening the 3 gates of the 3 diaphragms


Beyond the psychological effect of the meditation and intentions, this practice has a specific physiological effect that is very important to our overall balance and interaction with the world.

Each center corresponds to a “diaphragm”, a layer of muscles that creates like a floor and supports vital organs and functions: the pelvic diaphragm, the respiratory diaphragm, the vocal diaphragm. They need to be toned but not too tensed, and well balanced for our nervous system to function at its best, and for energy and love to flow freely through us.

If you’re into technical details on the physiological side of it, here is a start

These are also energetic gates, manipulated in more advanced yogic practices through “Bandhas” or “locks” to control the circulation of energy and fast track elevation and enlightment.