Mantras for Love

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Mantras and Affirmations are like seeds that you plant in your mind and your subconscious to grow in a certain direction.

  • They are said to restructure your being by creating new pathways in your brain.


  • They also help you maintain a strong focus and keep your intention during your (Love) Yoga practice, making it all the more so transformative.

They can greatly enhance your shift in consciousness and the activation of the 3 Loves.


Discover them below (and download the printable version later in this article)


How to use them exactly?

 STEP 1: CHOOSE THE MANTRAS/AFFIRMATIONS that resonate the most for you, 1 or 2 for each Love.

They are intentionally all short and easy, so you can remember them quickly. They need to make sense to you. If you’re not familiar with Sanskrit, just go with affirmations in english. I personally love the simplicity of “I am Alive”, “I am Loved and Loving”, “I am One with All” and it is part of my little prayer routine!

STEP 2: SIMPLY REPEAT THEM mentally (or out loud if you can, you don’t have to but there is a power to actually hearing them) as often as possible when you want to tap into the associated Love.

  • Affirmations are great for Asana practice, to infuse your flow and postures with the specific energy of the Love you want to awaken.
  • Mantras are great for meditation practice, when you can also concentrate on the sound vibration.
  • You can also use them off the mat whenever you want to evoke the corresponding energy.


In all cases, the more your attention is really focused, the more effect it will have on you.

Repeating them mindlessly, without being connected to the energy and essence of the Mantra or Affirmation won’t do much!

For even more power, also focus on the corresponding point in your body. You may feel tingles or expansiveness or other sensations there and be carried to another state of consciousness.

It’s ok if you don’t feel anything! Be patient and gentle, and let yourself imagine it: what could it feel like to really embody what this Mantra or Affirmation says?


To practice more easily

of all Mantras and Affirmations

The Nerdy Note: what’s the difference between Mantras and Affirmations?

 They’re generally mistaken and it irritates the nerd in me, so I wanted to clarify this for you 🙂

Affirmations can be in any language: it’s their empowering meaning that matters. You can create your own to fit specific needs. If repeated enough with conviction and feelings, the empowering affirmations will be assimilated as truth and can then slowly replace your limiting beliefs. It’s basically self-persuasion. Simple, but efficient.

Hindus Mantras in Sanskrit work a bit differently. Their meaning matters too, but you won’t grab it fully. That’s ok, because they are believed to draw their power from the specific sounds they’re made of, which specific vibration will attune your own vibration to a certain frequency. You can’t modify them without altering their effect.

Sounds like magic? I know.

I’m fascinated by the idea that specific sounds can have this power (that’s the mystic in me). I honestly don’t know objectively true (that’s the agnostic in me).

What I know for sure, because I’ve experienced it myself and witnessed it in others, is that there is an effect of both Mantras and Affirmations. I feel different after using them and the more I do it the more it gets engraved in me. I like to be pragmatic about tools: if it works, I keep it, until I find something better. I haven’t yet found something to replace the power of these little phrases!

Experiment, and see for yourself.