WORKSHOP in LA / Conscious Sexuality and Creative Intimacy

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  • Felt awkward, disappointed, frustrated, wounded in your sexuality?
  • Found yourself holding back, hiding, pretending, faking during sex?
  • Seen a relationship fail because sex wasn’t working and you concluded to “incompatibility”?
  • Longed for more than “sex as usual”?

My friend & Intuitive Coach Dyan Ferguson and I asked these questions to start this Live Workshop in Long Beach. Of course, most hands were raised.

Mine included!

I’m so grateful I know now the amazing potential behind our painful realities. We have never been so free to create a meaningful sexuality, one that will bring us closer to ourselves and our partner, one that suits our deep desires (and non desires) vs. social conventions, one that may not even include intercourse, one that is purely about the loving connection of two unique human beings in a unique moment… Yet for most of us, sexuality still goes along with performance anxiety, shame, guilt, heartache and confusion, to name a few.

The thing is, procreative sex is instinctive, but creative sexuality is a learned art. It takes inner work and outer skills.

In this workshop, we shared some of these skills around 3 foundations:

  • Trust and Emotional Safety
  • Awareness and Openess on Erotic Possibilities
  • Presence and Soulful-Heartful Connexion


If you weren’t there, we still have something for you!



To sum up a bit of the workshop in a few minutes. I hope my accent won’t get too much in the way (#frenchie!)


Packed with info and tools, including an extract of the “Intimate Landscape” Questionnaire and an essential Communication Trick that I use with my clients, this is PURE GOLD when you know how to use it. Here for a limited time!

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