Yes, you were born to be love(d)

Create the LOVE you crave

What does it mean to “create Love”?


It means shifting your focus in an empowering way: if your love life doesn’t look and feel the way you want today, you don’t have to passively wait and hope for your future/present partner or life to change that for you.

If you feel a glitch in your intimate relationship, chances are… you are playing a role in it. It’s not just about men or luck. It’s also about the way you’re showing up.

I know it’s not the most comfortable thing to hear…

But it also means that YOU have the power to transform your relationship!

And here are 3 essential steps you can take:



understanding LOVE AND YOUR BLOCKS




I’m laura PYNSON

Call me your french Personal Love Trainer. I will gently and fiercely empower you to create Love from the inside out, master intimacy and turn your romantic struggles into a healing and awakening path. As you take on the challenge to grow through your relationship, you’ll become more deeply connected to yourself as well as your partner. And you will consciously manifest the easy, healthy, happy romantic relationship you want – one that will nurture you on all levels and boost everything else in your life.

I've learned so much about myself. I can see now how I was creating my own pain, and how I can create connection instead with my partner.

Sophie, Paris

I now see my intimacy challenges as opportunities to grow and my relationship is growing too.

Georgia, London

Laura's vision of what's happening with my new partner feels so spot on every time. It helps me see clearly and have a direction instead of blindly repeating the past.

Leila, Santa Barbara

Is this you?


You want to connect with your partner on all levels. You want mutual commitment and excitement. You want to feel at home and like a team with a man who gets you and steps up for you. You give a lot to others and you want an equal you prioritize you. You may wonder if your expectations and standards are too high, if you should resign yourself… But deep down you can’t settle for less.


It may be passion, communication, pleasure, peace, purpose, or a partner all together… Bottom line is, you don’t feel loved or loving to your full potential. You feel frustrated, disappointed and stuck in negative cycles and patterns. You’re overthinking it, you’re afraid of wasting precious time and energy making wrong decisions, trying with the wrong man… And you’re fed up with the exhausting (self) doubts.

you're ready for change

You’ve already worked on yourself, and you’re not afraid to dig deeper. You’re self-aware, committed to growth, you take your responsibilities (and more). The perfectionist and over-achiever in you made you successful and strong in most areas of your life… Intimacy is your next challenge and you can’t stand that you haven’t figured this one out yet. You know the magic must come from you, now you need a plan!

Now imagine yourself…


> Grounded in self-love, self-knowledge, self-care, self-worth, and able to stay centered, stable and open no matter what comes up in your intimate relationship

> Having clarity on what’s really going on with him, certainty about what’s best for you, and confidence in your decisions, actions and communication

> Speaking your truth with ease, expressing your needs and boundaries with grace

> Knowing exactly how to connect physically, emotionally and spiritually to keep the magic going and growing

> Feeling powerful and trusting, in control and surrendered, intuitively leading your relationship to success from your heart without overthinking it

> Being seen, heard, desired and adored without having to beg or hold back – just by being more of your highest self

Sounds good? Then this is for you!

FEMININE love school

If you deeply desire to experience the bliss and the peace of an harmonious relationship, if you’re done with the ups and downs of hope and disappointment, if you won’t give up on your dream of soulmate love… it’s time to take action!

Here you’ll find practices and programs rooted in Mindfulness, Eastern Wisdom and Western Science, all designed to awaken your Love Creation Power so you can consciously build a solid, sexy and soulful relationship.

“I am Love(d)” Complete Curriculum


Discover the 3 key components of Long-Lasting Love and self-source each of them from within. Raise your vision and vibration and release your blocks to manifest your best relationship.


Reclaim your Sexual, Emotional and Spiritual powers through Tantra and Mindfulness. Reconnect with your body and your Magnetic Feminine Energy. Inspire your man to step up to meet you at your highest.

3. CONNECT TO HIM - creative & conscious coupling

Understand his psychology and learn the skills to intentionally create and sustain deep connection on all levels at any stage of the relationship, from dating to saving or elevating your relationship.

“Growing Together” Focused Programs


Find Love without losing yourself. Get grounded in your power and really ready to step out of your “no man’s land”. Enjoy every steppingstone as you get closer to your soulmate and lay the inner foundations for sustainable partnership.

"make or break" (FOR CHALLENGING PHASES)

Whether it’s just the beginning or it feels like the end, if you are questioning your relationship, let’s give it your best and a real chance. So you can either move forward together with new projects or move on on your own with no regrets.

PARTNERS AND LOVERS (to re-ignite a dormant fire)

Don’t let the daily grind kill the fun, keep bonding in bed and beyond! Unlock your own capacity for pleasure and play. Learn each other erotic languages, initiate yourself to Spiritual Sexuality… Invent the unique intimacy that will make your love sweet and strong.


Until you remember


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